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In Authentic Hand-Crafted Masquerade Masks. Made In Venice - Italy

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Hand Crafted 
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Masquerade In The Latest Styles
Feather Masquerade Masks
From $70.00 USD
Venetian Masquerade Eye Masks
From $45.00 USD
 Venetian Masquerade Masks Jolly
From $59.99 USD
Leather Masquerade Masks
From $69.50 USD
 Venetian Filigiree Masquerade Masks
From $95.00 USD
Macrame & Lace Masquerade Masks
From $85.00 USD
Venetian Baroque Masquerade Masks
From $80.00 USD
Italian Masquerade Stick Masks
From $55.00 USD

Our Collection Contains 500 Unique, Handmade Masks

We source masks from a range from many of Venice’s finest craftsmen, hunting down the styles and classical looks that make our masks and you, the talk of the party.

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Venetian Masquerade Mask Musica Black

I just wanted to let you know I have received my mask order. I am absolutely in love with it.... I could not have asked for anything else, but just wanted to say thank you so much.

- Bonnie M., Commack, NY, USA

I received the mask and cannot wait to wear it at the Venetian Masked Ball on the new Cunard Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship...  It is truly breathtakingly beautiful, thank you...

- Oksana, New York City, USA

Behind The Masks There’s A Story To Tell



Our Masquerade Masks Carry The Authentic Romance Of Venice

Venice is a city of romance, fashion and ceremony. The history of our masquerade masks is tied to that of “The Floating City”. Masks have always held a sense of mystery; Venetians were famous for concealing their identity and taking risks of love and business. Today that has become a part of the mystique and ceremony of a masquerade.

Read More About The History Of Our Masks

Mask Designs Hand Picked From Venice’s Finest Craftsmen

We take as much care selecting our masks as you do when choosing a mask to wear to your event. These are not masks you can pick up anywhere else in the world. Their authenticity, power and exquisite design are in the front of our minds as we personally hunt in alleys and through markets for Venice’s premium artesian designs. All this is so that your mask and your event can be perfect.

​Learn More About How We Find Our Masks In Venice
Couple In Venetian Masks
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We Ensure Your Masks Are Airmailed To You In Perfect Condition

Careful packing &  worldwide airmail shipping ensures that your mask gets to you in perfect condition in time for your event. For our North American customers airmail shipping is free and there is even an express option to get the mask to you even faster.

See How We Pack & Ship Your Mask

Hosting Your Own Authentic Masquerade Event

Enchanted by the magic and glamour of a masquerade ball? Wanting to recreate the experience in your own unique way.  Throughout our years of experience in Venice and around masquerades we have put together a guide so that you can bring the authentic romance of Venice into your event.

Our Masquerade Party Guide
Masquerade Ball
Venetian Masquerade Mask JollyVenetian Masquerade Mask Fenice Venetian Masquerade Mask Baroque Gold
Behind the Masks
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